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Paramedical Esthetician
A paramedical esthetician is a skin care specialist who provides advanced care techniques. He may also work with a doctor assisting him in preparing patients for surgery that is designed to address skin issues. An individual interested in this professional field needs to attend an institution of higher learning that offers a degree in paramedical esthetics. Most institutions require that an individual be have gone through high school or the equivalent. There are various requirements that need to be met before an individual may practice in this field. The individual must have undergone classroom and clinical training. This imparts the paramedical aesthetician with the necessary skills and knowledge to work at an advanced level of skin physiology, cosmetic ingredients and consultations. Clinical training will equip the esthetician with skills to perform physical clinical skin treatments. Once the skill and educational background have been ascertained, a fee is paid and the individual is issued with a license that allows him to practice.
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A trained esthetician can practice under various careers. Careers in this practice include; doctors, nurses and paramedics all of whom are interested in focusing on skin treatment. Other may practice as cosmetologists mainly dealing with cosmetics and their ingredients. Paramedical esthetics specialist can work in either private practice, spas or medical offices depending on their personal preferences. The average entry level salary ranges between $25,000-$35,000 depending on the level of skill and services offered, place of work whether urban or rural and the kind of office whether spa, private practice etc. Some of the services offered by a paramedical aesthetician include; dermal filling, dermabrasion, botox injections, chemical peels, permanent make up and presurgical health care. Due to the advancement in skincare, the costs have increased thus the salary for esthetician has been seen to rise to between $35,720-$47,310 by early 2014, check out this link for more information.
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Paramedical Aesthetician

Salaries & Working Condition


Generally, estheticians provide provide care for the skin along with advice on skin care. This practice requires precision because of the dangers involved in the even a mishap takes place. Clients interested in the services of a paramedical aesthetics specialist should ask the esthetician about the type of training he has received and which licence he holds. This is the large number of people advertising themselves with official-sounding titles that hold no weight. This is also a precautionary measure against quack doctors who may cause more harm than good to the client's skin.

Pros and Cons

Just as any other profession, this practice has its ups and downs. Some pros include:
  • A good salary.
  • Flexible schedule.
  • Emotional fulfillment achieved through helping people in need.
  • There are many employment opportunities in the field.
Some cons include:
  • Experience is required. Most employers are reluctant to employ individuals straight from the university.
  • The field is very competitive based on the high demand of skin services.
  • There is much to learn in esthetics field.